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Comito Consulting is a young consulting firm, founded by people with a lot of experience who can help you achieve your goals. Comito Consulting is result oriented with a professional "no nonsense" approach, flexible customisation and with you as the main focus.

If you enlist Comito Consulting, we will provide clear agreements regarding, for example, the content, extent and intended results, the authorisations and responsibilities that may be required, reporting, an indication of costs and the duration, termination and evaluation of the assignment.

This is Comito Consulting.

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Our services

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, your business or organisation also has to change and evolve constantly. That isn’t always very easy. Comito Consulting can help you.

  • Project Management
  • Project Sourcing
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial advice

Our Values

Comito = COMmunication At Comito we have a communications policy that guarantees constructive transparency, with our clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers. This forms the basis of our long-term relationship with you as a client. Comito = COMmitment Comito represents commitment: we guide you from the beginning to the end and, together with you, we ensure that you reach the intended result. Comito = Latin Comito is derived from a Latin verb that means 'Coaching', and that is our mission. We give your company concrete and practical advice. Comito substantiates this advice with theory, but our experts translate this into actual actions tailored to your specific situation

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